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Memory Foam Mattress - Back Pain and Pressure Relief

Pressure points are developed when unequal distribution of weight is concentrated on certain significant areas of the body - this leads to muscular pains and even sore joints for those who have slept in bad positions, this difficulty can be present for individuals who sustained injuries or persons with constant recurring pain because of past long term injuries or those that sleep lightly because of muscle pains or joint discomforts, however the real problem is down to individuals keenness to tolerate the pain and strive to ignore this problem rather than finding a top quality memory foam mattress to alleviate the problematic situation.

One of the best ways in which you can treat yourself is to start looking for a decent memory foam mattress, while others may say the sprung mattress never hurt nobody, neither have they asked the question of what amount of time will an individual generally spend on their mattress and what is a crucial factor when you sleep? As you think about the price of a memory foam mattress and reflect on the actual fact that a human being sleeps for 1/3rd of their lives it simply makes much more economical sense to buy a memory foam mattress just on account of its incredible ability to reform and re-shape to your body heat and amount of pressure around your body, whilst people who are having problems sleeping can enjoy an improved nights sleep seeing that the memory foam mattress is ready to reallocate pressure and force across over the entire mattress allowing you to rest comfortably  instead of remaining taunt or in an odd position. Using a memory foam mattress you are likely to experience a new way of sleeping rather than putting up with pains from the old.

A means to help reduce pressure areas is to sleep on a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are specifically created to support the sleeper, and looking back at the improvements in the memory foam mattress technology - you can witness the continued development which has been in-excess for three decades and advancements in memory foam mattresses's has ultimately been designated an essential for people experiencing painful pressure point problems who want pain relief. Being warmth sensitive, this material has a bonus, in that a memory foam mattress can absorb warmth in addition to help keep the sleeper's body temperature even. Weather factors can affect pressure points (as evidenced by individuals pressure points are aggravated in wintry climates, for instance). The compression capabilities of a memory foam mattress will ultimately demonstrate to you how it can handle the weight of your body. Uniform distribution of weight is the key, therefore the user will not place any additional pressure on pressure points. Memory foam mattresses are intended to stop pressure areas from being created and assists to stop current pressure points becoming worse.

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Swimming Pool Games: SR Smith Swim-N-Dunk Double Post Basketball Game


Basketball is among the sports that has always fascinated people since time immemorial. Or well, at least certain variations of it. But what if you could combine the cool and refreshing experience of swimming in the pool on a hot day with the thrill of dunking hoops on the court with your friends?
As a matter of fact you can, if you purchase a the Swim N Dunk basketball set. From the first glance, this equipment is professional manufactured with high-grade materials, which will ensure that you, your friends or your family members can experience a safe and entertaining basketball game in between the lounging sessions.
Let’s face it, no matter how great it feels to avoid the heat by spending the entire day in the water, you will eventually get bored. There’s just so many times you can play a game of Marco Polo! In the absence of an actual water sport, the pool inevitably becomes dull and unattractive, but take the same pool and add a hoop or a net and things immediately change for the better.
However, it is fair to point out that not all poolside equipment can be considered an effective investment. Some deteriorate quite fast from the sun and water, others are unstable and can easily be knocked over – particularly poor quality hoops because during slam dunks they need to support the weight of the players partially or completely – and certain ones will simply break. Therefore, instead of opting for false cost saving approaches, it is always recommended to purchase a system that can guarantee an extensive lifespan of functionality and safety. The higher initial cost will go a long way, unlike the cheaper hoop systems which you will probably need to replace in less than one year.
Now, let’s examine the specifications of the S.R. Smith’s Swim N Dunk Complete Basketball Game and you can determine for yourself whether or not you should consider investing in it.
SR Smith Swim-N-Dunk Double Post Basketball Game

Main Features of SR Smith Swim-N-Dunk Double Post Basketball Game
The support posts are constructed from durable stainless steel alloys and measure 1.9 inches in diameter
The backboard of the BASK Swim N Dunk is made from high-grade acrylic
The support legs of the pool basketball system are sealed, for extra water protection
The deck anchors of the Double Post Basketball Game set are constructed from highly resilient plastic alloys
The rim’s dimensions are in accordance to the standard basketball regulation
The package also includes the ball and the needle
2 anchors made from plastic alloys permit users to place the Swim N Dunk flush on the deck, without having to dismount any of the components
All components are created from durable fabrics that guarantee an extensive life
The backboard measures 45 inches in length, 30.5 inches in width and 2 inches in depth, weight 22 pounds
The anchor weighs 5 pounds, measuring 8 inches in length, 8 inches in width and 4 inches in depth
The pool Swim-n-Dunk basketball set can be installed easily, without an extensive array of specialized tools
Installing the Pool Basketball Hoop Sytem
Before proceeding with the installation, the manufacturer advises on unpacking all the components in the package and inspecting them for damage or deterioration that could have occurred during the shipment. In addition, you should make sure that all the components are present within the package, in accordance to the list provided by S.R. Smith (16 in total).
The first step in the installation involves attaching the cross brace to each individual post utilizing the split tee. Next, look for the L-bolts (3/8 inches) and place it in the holes of the backboard. Fasten the L-bolts with pushnuts and connect the board to the conjoined posts via the L-bolts. The L-bolts will be fastened utilizing lock nuts, but at this time tightening them all the way and/or placing the black nutcaps is not necessary.
Now you will need to take out the rim and proceed to mounting the basketball net on it. Before you attach the rim to the backboard, you need to remember to take off the protective film layer present on the surface of the latter. Once you have done this task, you can safely connect the two components via the 5/16 inches bolts and nuts, but don’t forget about the spacers that need to go in-between board’s frame and the cross brace’s plate. To conclude the assembly of the basketball rim’s components, all you have to do is firmly tighten and secure all the bolts.
Because the swimming pool basketball system is deck mounted, the anchors sockets measuring 6 inches have to be attached to the pool’s deck. These anchors should be mounted at a distance of 17-1/2 inches, parallel with the pool. They are fastened with grounding screws, wire and cement, which needs to be cured before you can place the mounted unit in the anchors.


You may have guessed already that the durability and stability represent the two high points of the Swim-N-Dunk Double Post Basketball Game set. In essence, these are probably the most important characteristic of a basketball set, because otherwise you will not be able to enjoy it for long. The stability is not only related to the deck-mounting, but also to the design of the pole supports and the materials.
As you read in the installation section, you do not need to be an engineer to mount the Pool Swim N Dunk and the only issue that you have to consider is utilizing grounding screws and wiring in accordance to the local building code. Therefore, homeowners can save cash via the DIY approach, rather than hiring specialized contractors.


The S.R. Smith’s Swim N Dunk Complete Basketball Game constitutes a full set of pool accessories that can turn any old dull swimming pool into a genuinely exciting water basketball court. The professional grade design and the materials utilized in the construction act as guarantee that you will not experience difficulties or breakdowns for many years to come. However, don’t forget to check for loose screws and hardware every once in a while, in order to avoid malfunctions.

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Tempsoma Memory Foam Beds - Are they good for you?

Tempsoma memory foam beds are frequently touted as the best value mattress of this type. The Tempsoma style of mattress differs from other memory foam mattress types in that it is of higher density. This is something that provides a good mix of firmness while still managing to mold around your body without becoming out of shape. With some type of memory foam you can just get away with adding a topper to your existing mattress but with the Tempsoma you really are probably better off just buying the full bed.

The Advantages of Using Tempsoma Memory Foam Beds
These days there are tons of available research into the importance of a good night sleep. For sleep to be effective it needs to be uninterrupted but this is not the experience of a lot of people. There are a few different reasons as to why people wake up from sleep, but one of the common ones is that they need to change position in bed. If you share a bed with somebody else then you can also be woken up because they need to change their position.

The Tempsoma mattress uses weight and heat to mould itself around your body and in doing so it supports you. This leads to the most comfortable sleeping position from which you should not need to wake up to change. With a normal mattress you are struggling to find a way to get comfortable by fitting in with its shape and contours, but with a memory mattress it is the bed that has to fit in with you.

The Advantages of a Good Nights Sleep
Here are just some of the advantages that you will gain by getting a good night sleep on Tempsoma Memory Foam Beds.
You will wake up feeling refreshed and you should notice more energy as you go about your daily tasks.
You should have more mental clarity and make fewer errors. When we are lacking sleep we are never on the top of our game.
A good night sleep can help improve your mood. If we are tired it is hard not to be irritable and gloomy.
Sleeping well at night can lower our risk of certain diseases. There is now evidence linking lack of sleep with many types of medical problems including heart disease and diabetes. When we get enough sleep we are better able to fight off illness.
We become easier to sleep with. The fact that we are now comfortable in the bed means that we are less likely to bother our sleeping partners. This is certain to lead to improved relationships.
Are Tempsoma Memory Foam Beds a Good Choice for You?
It is important not to underestimate the importance of sleep for our health and well-being. Anything that can help us sleep more solidly has to be a good thing. Memory foam has been shown to make sleeping easier and the Tempsoma product is a great value way to get the benefits.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow - What is all about?

Traveling long distances or even relatively short distances can be a hardship if you are not able to get comfortable. Most of us will have tried neck pillows in the past, but many of these don’t seem to do very much. Sometimes they can even make you feel a bit more uncomfortable. The memory foam travel neck pillow though, is something that is widely praised for because of its ability to allow users to travel in comfort. For once there is a neck pillow that can really help us enjoy all those trips we need to make!

What Makes the Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Unique?
The aim of memory foam travel neck pillows is to help you recreate as comfortable a position as possible. One of the reasons why many of us can’t get comfortable while traveling is that we just can’t get our neck into a position we would like. We are constantly changing position in the hope of finding that magic spot where we can stay still for a while; this is something that usually alludes us. If we do manage to catch some sleep while traveling it is usually fitful and not very resting. Here are a few ways that the memory foam travel neck pillow differs from other products;

The memory foam is made up of special cells that rely on your weight and temperature to mold itself to your neck area.
This travel pillow will fit in with you rather than you having to try and fit in with it. The pillows use displacement to accommodate the weight of your neck and head.
This type of pillow offers a lot more support than you will find with any other type of travel pillow.
It relieves pressure in the neck, head, and shoulder areas. This will make it a lot easier to get comfortable when traveling long or short distances.
This memory foam travel neck pillow delivers what the other devices can only promise to deliver. It involves using the same type of technology that was originally designed for people traveling into space. If it is good enough for these types of journeys then you can feel assured that it will meet your needs also!

The Difference a Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Can Make to Your Journeys

Sometimes we travel for enjoyment while other times we do it because we have to. No matter what the reason there is now a way to make it more enjoyable. No more sliding your face up and down the bus window as you try to get a comfortable spot. No more annoying your seating neighbor as you wriggle like an eel and a hook as you try and find a position you can tolerate. No more arriving at your destination with a stiff neck, headache, and feeling like you have just stepped out of a boxing ring. Instead you will be all rested and ready to deal with whatever your destination has in store for you.