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All You Need to Know About Trampolines

You may have come across a section of a variety of trampolines being up to be sold in a sports stores, or you may have seen trampolines being used in school playgrounds and parks for children. Some people even purchase trampolines to make it an entertaining spot for their kids in the backyard.
Many of us think that trampolines are just for kids so they can use it to be entertained and to have fun. You may be surprised that trampolining has many various benefits for an adult as well and since this discovery, many trainers use trampolines as a workout instrument.

Further in this article, you will get to know the basic information and facts about the trampolines!
Trampoline was first created by a person named George in his garage in the year 1936. He was inspired by a performance by some artists who used a safety net for 'bouncing'.

The trampoline immediately became a hit and was widely used across the world. Later on in 1997, a company named JumpSport Trampolines created the very first trampoline safety net enclosure. Soon after that, many companies started manufacturing the safety nets and the percentage of accidents and injuries that occurred due to trampolines decreased well.

Trampoline is not a difficult equipment to use and it can be used by adults and children above the age of 5.

The surface of the trampoline which is usually black in color is called the 'trampoline' bed. It is made up of woven nylon bands but this surface is not elastic and thus, this fabric isn't the part of the trampoline that supports your bouncing movement. It is in fact the springs to which this fabric is attached that stores potential energy that helps you bounce. These strings link the trampoline mat to the steel frame of the equipment.

The accidents that occur each year due to trampolines are either due to jumpers falling off the equipment or falling on the steel frame of the trampoline. So, when the trampoline is being used, it is necessary to pad the steel frame with padded fabric. You can purchase trampoline frame covers from any sports store or online stores. This will prevent users from getting injured in case they hit the frame while bouncing.

The trampolines are majorly used by adults as a workout equipment and they can also be found at many gyms and training centers. The vertical movement of the body keeps the body healthy and assist in weight loss. Research shows 100 calories are lost if a person uses the trampoline for 20 minutes. Also, it is confirmed that 10 minutes of trampolining is equal to 30 minutes of walking which means that more calories are burnt in lesser time!

We usually use trampolines without knowing the basic rules of using this equipment. It is better to wear socks when using trampolines so the friction between your feet and the trampoline mat do not irritate your skin. Only one person should be using the trampoline at a time and it is better if two or more people stand around the trampoline to prevent as many accidents as possible.

Trampolines are easy to use and doesn't require any training in order to use them. Simple trampolining involve jumping but stunts such as somersaults and backflips shouldn't be practiced on a trampoline unless the person is well trained to do so. Trampolining is also a part of the olympics since 2000. The average professional trampolinist can reach 33 feet in the air (10m) and the highest recorded height that an expert trampolinist reached was a male and he had reached 20.6m.

When trampolines became a popular equipment for workout and entertainments purposes, several outdoor trampoline themed parks opened up around the US. This actually increased the number of accidents caused by trampolines and people would bump into each other and hurt themselves and so, the popularity of these parks decreased. After a while, indoor trampoline themed parks opened up which features a number of individual trampolines in small 'rooms' so only one person could use the trampoline at a time and wouldn't fall off. Now, such parks have opened up in many cities in the US and around the world.

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